Whether you're nursing a back injury or just want to experience the thrill of levitation, aerial yoga is a playful way to improve the health of your mind and body.

With training, some believe it’s possible for yoga masters to levitate thanks to special powers known as “siddhis.” Whether or not you believe in this spiritual power, you can still get your practice off the ground with aerial yoga.

Aerial yoga, also known as “antigravity yoga,” incorporates silk hammocks suspended from the ceiling, which support practitioners as they do yoga postures. Invented in 2014 by New York-based choreographer Christopher Harrison, aerial yoga combines traditional yoga poses with some Pilates and dance elements. Not to be confused with aerial technique classes, which use elements of circus performance such as trapeze, hoops, and silks to perform acrobatic and dance tricks in the air, aerial yoga is focused on using the silk sling to specifically assist with yoga postures.

Not only does aerial yoga help strengthen core muscles—practitioners are essentially always engaging their core by holding onto the silk hammock—it’s also a good option for people with back pain, because the hammock provides support that allows for stretching and doing inversions without compressing the spine. It’s also an excellent practice for improving mood, because it’s fun and novel.

Ready to try aerial yoga for yourself? Here are three Denver studios where you can hang in the balance.

Where: 917 Front St., Suite 160, LouisvilleCost: $17 drop-in; $111 for one month unlimitedNew student deal: $33 for two weeks unlimited

Yoga Hive offers an Intro to Aerial Yoga class for beginners every Sunday, as well as more intermediate and advanced classes, including a high-energy class combining aerial yoga and barre and one that focuses on flexibility and strength. For yogis on a budget, this studio also offers a “pay it forward” program that provides financial assistance.

Where: 3905 Fox St.Cost: $20–25 drop-in; $150 for one month unlimitedNew student deal: $59.99 for one month unlimited

This yoga and barre studio offers several aerial yoga classes for beginners, as well as advanced students. Start with the Aerial Yoga Flow Basics class, which teaches beginner moves, along with safety information and health benefits.

Fluid Fusion is a fitness studio specializing in injury rehab. Founder Megan Campbell teaches beginner-friendly aerial yoga classes by appointment only. Classes are kept small, either private or capped at four people. fluidfusiondenver.com

Tip: To make your aerial yoga experience a success: Wear tight-fitting clothing without zippers, and leave the jewelry, makeup, and strong-smelling products at home to avoid damaging the silk hammocks.

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