GET ready for a night full of fist pumps, head-banging and belting out classic Aussie rock tunes - the ultimate Australian "Rockumentary” is coming to the Reef Gateway Hotel on July 20.

The "Lost Legends Showcase” is a heartfelt tribute to the Aussie legends of rock and roll who dominated the music scene in the 70s-80s.

The show was originally formed by three members of the Australian pop/rock band, Masters Apprentices when they attended the funeral of founding member and lead vocalist Jim Keays.

Their combination of grief, respect and reminiscing resulted in a fresh and inspired concept of telling the stories of the iconic legends they performed alongside as well as celebrating the glory days of Aussie rock.

Known as the Dead Singer Band, the group is comprised of members Vanessa Lea, Colin Burgess, a founding member and drummer of AC/DC, Denny Burgess, former member of "The Throb”, and Roger Faynes, voted Australia's Best Bass Player in 1986.

The Dead Singer Band will honour the legacy of several Australian singing icons paying fitting homage to the lives of the band members, mates and colleagues with a truth that can only come from genuine experience.

Each artist featured has worked, toured and partied alongside at least one member from the Dead Singer Band and in one case were the last people to have seen them alive.

Performances will be accompanied by an audio visual show, personal memories, light-hearted comedy, flamboyant costumes, celebrity interviews and tribute to the Aussie legends that were and still live on in our hearts.

Audio Visual Director Richard Fricker said it would be an incredible evening for anybody who enjoyed Aussie rock music.

"It's a personal account from Australia's top musicians who played alongside all these Aussie musos that we've lost,” Mr Fricker said.

All ages are welcome on the night although some musical performances are more suitable for ages 18+ at parent/guardian discretion.

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