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CEA is also set to launch a worldwide task force of secret shoppers who will purchase products marked as Egyptian Cotton from retailers both instore and online, which will then be passed along for testing.

“Only products made from 100 per cent Egyptian Cotton can carry the famous trademarked pyramid cotton logo,” the association said.

“Cotton Egypt Association has been working tirelessly over the last three years to protect the integrity and authenticity of the brand, to protect its retail partners and to ensure consumers they are buying genuine Egyptian Cotton goods.

“We will not stand by while unscrupulous manufacturers mix Egyptian Cotton with sub-standard fibres,” said CEA executive director Khaled Schuman.

100% Cotton Hooded Towel

The CEA continues facility audits, traceability assessment, retailer surveillance, and information management partnership with leading testing and verification body Bureau Veritas, as well as a new partnership with an independent legal organisation, who will clean up the Global Egyptian Cotton retail space, to root out the non-genuine goods.

The process, which has been endorsed by several academic and professional bodies, includes extracting DNA from cotton fibres, yarns, woven, knitted, fabric or finished apparel. This can then be used to identify fibres and the percentage of genuine Egyptian Cotton in a product.

Even today, Egyptian Cotton is the most recognised luxury cotton brand in the US and globally. A recent consumer survey by independent US-based marketing agency, PBM, on American consumers who had recently purchased cotton goods, found that 95 per cent of those able to name a cotton brand cited Egyptian Cotton. (RKS)

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