Hatch Stamping Co. Director of Industrial Engineering Stewart Claucherty oversaw the AIDA servo press installation and part redesign project. Photo for STAMPING Journal by Tom McKenzie.

If you drive a vehicle that was made or assembled in North America, chances are it is equipped with a part or assembly manufactured by a company that started in the garage of one of three Hatch brothers 66 years ago. Today, under the leadership of President and COO Dan Craig, Hatch Stamping Co. employs more than 1,300 people and operates out of 13 manufacturing and technology centers and warehouses around the world, including in Michigan, Tennessee, Mexico, China, and Europe.

Hatch Stamping is a full-service provider to OEMs, Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers. The manufacturer supplies roofing, fuel, chassis, interiors, seating, and braking systems.

While its core competency is highly engineered metal stampings, the manufacturer also performs design and engineering, tool- and diemaking, prototyping, welding, assembly, and e-coating. In addition to more than 50 stamping presses, the company’s facilities house weld cells, robots, assembly cells, e-coat lines, and wire to tube forming equipment.

“Our customers are looking for innovative solutions and efficiency realization, including advanced engineering support and related services,” Craig said.

As Hatch Stamping’s customers requested more intricate parts, the need to have additional equipment to meet the requirements became evident. Director of Industrial Engineering Stewart Claucherty and his team considered getting another link-motion press.

In the search for the new presses, Hatch found that servo press technology had many features that were impressive and would meet its needs. In addition to simplified installation, a fully automated line was very important to Hatch, which was something servo press technology could offer.

Also, its powerful servo motor has fully programmable slide motion, as well as precise control of speed throughout the duration of the draw. Anticipation of speed and output acceleration resulting from the presses’ programmable stroke were also among the decision points.

“As we looked into the designs further, we made the decision that servo press technology would be the best option for Hatch Stamping,” Claucherty said.

Rather than go to the expense and time of installing one very large press, Hatch decided to go with two new AIDA DSF-N2-3000 330-ton servo presses to allow for easy and quick installation. The presses were set up side by side in the Hatch Stamping facility in Chelsea, Mich. It was necessary to have an automated shuttle system to move the parts between the two presses. The Hatch team put its engineering expertise to work to create a robust transfer system. The transfer system required the engineers to design and build all of the sensors, locators, and conveyors.

The manufacturer redesigned a two-part assembly as a single part. The company selected its new servo presses to enable it to meet its customers’ need for innovation. The simplified setup, design flexibility, latest press technology, and exceptional press delivery time led to this selection. Additionally, anticipation of speed and output acceleration because of the presses’ programmable stroke were also among the decision points.

The newly designed system has a custom control panel and feed line, which ensures parts moving from press to press through the conveyor are in the right place at the right time—stamping precision at its best! The customized system works beautifully, allowing each press to operate in a nonsynchronized fashion but also in unison.

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Overall, the team is convinced that installing the two AIDA 330-ton servo presses was the best decision to meet the challenges of the redesign.

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