It isn’t breaking news that San Francisco apartments are small. If you live there, you’re well aware, and that lack of space requires creative solutions. If your bedroom is only 120 square feet, you can't fit a California king, unless you want it to be the only thing in your bedroom.

When it comes to tiny bedrooms, you have to think about maximizing your space without feeling crammed. What bed can you fit in a small bedroom? Can you fit a dresser? A nightstand? Are you able to squeeze a corner shelf into that space? We’ve got suggestions for all those questions—plus storage options—for your small bedroom.

Now, obviously, the most space-saving option is to buy a twin bed for your room. But we won’t suggest any adult actually buy and sleep on a twin bed. Instead, you can get this full/double MALM storage bed from IKEA that lifts up and lets you store blankets, clothes, toys, or whatever the hell you want under the mattress.

Boswell Upholstered Platform Bed, Available in seven colors and three sizes, starting at $265.33 for a full

If you’re not a huge fan of storage beds, you have other options. Looking for something fancy that fits your budget? This upholstered platform bed from Wayfair is available in seven different colors, including gray and navy. You can choose from full, queen and king, though king is probably not in your space range. Prices start at $265.33, depending on the size and color you choose.

When you’re trying to save space, horizontal dressers are immediately eliminated from the shopping list. Instead, you’re going to want to look at three to five-drawer dressers (or a chest of drawers). This 4-drawer dresser from IKEA even gives you a sneak peak of whatever you choose to store in that top drawer.

Need one extra drawer? Boom, this 5-drawer dresser chest from Overstock gives you just that. Apparently, it is that "Kinfolk style they’re all talking about," according to the product description.

Oh, you have space for a nightstand? You must have a lot of square footage in that tiny bedroom! If you’re the kind of person who cannot function without a nightstand for a cup of water, phone, book, or cat, we don’t blame you. This HEMNES nightstand from IKEA is small enough for a tiny room, but still provides that extra bit of storage. You can choose from three different colors (white, black, and gray) depending on your design style.

You can’t get away with a ladder shelf in a small bedroom. They’re pretty, but not practical. You don’t have to say goodbye to those beloved succulents and picture frames though; just get a floating corner shelf. Hopefully your landlord doesn't mind you drilling into the wall!

If you’re stuck on the ladder shelf craze, fine, we’ll give in. While you certainly can’t fit a full one, this mini version can fit snugly in the corner of your room and hold a few books, frames and plants to keep your room feeling lively.

Don’t have room for a dresser? Or you only have enough space for a tiny dresser that barely fits half of your clothing? Shove everything under your bed! Obviously you don’t want to just jam clothing under there haphazardly. You can keep things neat and tidy when you get a good under-bed storage setup. This storageLAB under storage container should do the trick. It tucks right under your bed, out of sight, and has handles that make it easy to pull back out from the depths of your bed whenever you need to grab an article of clothing.

From looking at the reviews, a master folder can fit about 40 T-shirts. It's advertised to fit a queen/king-sized blanket. Need something more specific for just your shoes? They also sell an underbed shoe organizer.

If you’re looking for a classic underbed staple, this Sterlite bin is the way to go. It's best suited for those who do not have low beds, as it's 7” high. Measure your bed height before you buy, but the bin's wheels make it easy to pull out from under your bed, and the hard plastic makes it sturdy enough to survive a move.

Wait, you actually have a closet in your rental? Congrats! It's probably the size of a broom cupboard, however. Squeeze as much space as you can out of your closet when you snag these magic hangers. They’re said to save up to 50% of closet space, as you can fit five hangers on this and it hangs vertically, not horizontally.

Baby Hanger Wooden

Now, every other website is probably going to tell you to get one of those flimsy over-the-door plastic shoe holders. You can, no one is stopping you. But why not repurpose a different over-the-door organizer that looks better? This adjustable wire rack is visually pleasing and can fit roughly three pairs of shoes per rack, depending on the type of shoe.

Personally, I find these to be very ugly. But! People use them, so I will recommend them. If you don’t have a dresser, hanging closet organizers are a good place to store clothing like socks, underwear, and pants. Since you can’t exactly hang your underwear up? I mean, you could, but it would be a little weird.

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