For those riders who absolutely must have the lightest bike possible, Aerozine have part of the solution. Finely machined and ultra-light, these rear derailleur pulleys add a splash of colour and trim a few grams of weight from your ride.

Simple to install, the Aerozine pulleys replace your standard jockey wheels, making spring time an ideal time to get a set after the winter road paste has done its damage.

Although the Aerozine pulleys have cartridge bearings rather than the bushings you find in most jockey wheels, I can't say I felt myself going any faster, but they add no perceptible lag to performance either. If you're looking for an excuse to upgrade, then, performance isn't it, but looks and weight are good enough reason.

At first glance, the Aerozine pulleys are a luxury but if you need to replace your jockey wheels anyway, then they are perhaps a good choice - just make sure they match your frame colour.

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Performing a dual role of both weight-loss and winter replacements they do a solid job, can't really fault them.

if you need to replace worn jockey wheels they are fine, if you are looking to save weight they do a job at a price.

A fun addition to the bike. Hard to justify a purchase on weight grounds unless it is super important to you, but as a stock replacement they seem a good option.

I regularly do the following types of riding: time trialling, commuting, touring, sportives, general fitness riding, Adventure-packing, crossing-countries

got a pair of these on my bike and really like them they look good and last longer than the standard plastic ones that come on your bike. the 11T makes it only compatible with sram and shimano but if you have got campagnolo you need a 10T jockey wheel.

I got a set of the cheapest ones with ceramic bearings on ebay (about £15) and fitted one in the guide pulley (upper) position on my commuter (Ultegra 6600).

The difference it makes to shifting is remarkable. The Ultegra guide pulley is cushioned, giving smooth shifts. These and their like are rigid, so you get much snappier Campag-like shifting. Recommended, if only for that!

These remind me of the blue anodised X-Lite crank caps I put on my old Marin MTB in about 1996. Love a bit of bling!

Likewise. Blue X-lite crank caps, on a Middleburn RS3 chainset with blue spider and middle ring. With blue chainring bolts. And blue jockey wheels and breakaway bolt, obviously.

I have the gold ano ones as this was the only color available here (India) and have used them on Shimano XT though only for races (weight weenie trait).

There is no upper (floating) 'Centron G Pulley' a la Shimano, so the rd adjustments need to be spot on. I found them a bit more noisy than the standard nylon/ plastic pulleys. Tested the pulleys on some training rides that were bumpy as I thought they might crumple. They've held up just fine.

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