“An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away,” we say this to our kids to impart a healthy upbringing. However, life seems to be an unpredictable fantasy that can take you to the Doctor’s doorstep without any reason.

But you must know that in the fast-paced life how crucial it is to get a full body checkup, even when you are free of all health dangers.

Hmm… something tells us that you don’t wish to stand in the long monotonous queue of the hospital. Isn’t that right?

In fact, the idea has blended in the shape of reality, all because of one technological invention i.e., iBeacon App Development. 

Ever since we got the tiny smartphone in our hand, our entire world has been powered by its intelligence. So far we’ve had so many apps, starting from social media, gaming to wearable apps, and more.

Powered by new technology, healthcare apps will receive a boost, changing the lives of people for better.

When we present facts from 2012, the healthcare app revenue was only 6.7 billion U.S dollars. Today, the year 2019 marks a revenue of 44.44 billion U.S dollars.

With beacon technology in recognition, the year 2020 predicts mHealth revenue jumping to 58.8 billion U.S dollars, says a report by Statista.

The revenue chart washes off the fear that people have about waiting in line to book an appointment with the doctor.

Revenue isn’t the only benefit we derive from iBeacon apps. Several technological advancements have been a boon to the society where seniles strive for medical help.

Curious what all the fuss that brings healthcare into the world of Beacon? Let’s feed your mind by a face-off with the meat and potatoes of iBeacon technology.

IoT is a term that never leaves the room. Our day-to-day lives are now surrounded by elements that can be operated/managed by a tap over the smartphone.

However, it can become a little chaotic, to keep the Internet always on the other side of the bed. Beacon technology beats this barrier by bestowing Bluetooth devices.

Connect it with a smartphone or any other device and rejuvenate the way you interact with patients. The Lilliputian tech collects data seamlessly and silently for creating an app of the next-generation.

The universal fact says that healthcare is part of the hospitality industry which shows greater concern for customers (in this case Patients).

iBeacon technology treats all of them equally and renders app solutions that help both patients and doctors.

Location tracking has been on top of the list for every mHealth apps in the modern days of the 21st century.

Dumping the internet connectivity on one side for other high-tech apps, BLE-enabled apps sink in the dimension of Bluetooth technology.

But are you sure whether the benefits were convincing enough? The answers are likely to go 50-50 down the lane. To prove our point, the following topic unlocks Beacon boons inside the medical premises.

With Beacon apps in-charge the first benefit that has come to the table is optimized schedules. The medical staff are now well-informed about all their duties and patients.

No more running like a headless chicken. The app created by iBeacon app development company will be integrated with duties and the list of information a Doctor or any other medicals staff needs to know.

The world is visioning the progress of healthcare industries. So far, almost 80% of the physicians have adapted BLE devices to deliver medical care.

There’s no doubt whether this number will rise or not, Bluetooth enabled apps have started to empower the world already.

Here we are standing with Beacon app that lets you wait in the resting lounge, while you check-in for doctor’s appointment.

The long-tail process of filling forms now comes right on the patient’s mobile device. Looking through the doctor’s monocle, the details of the form helps the medicare centres to prioritize among the patients.

Did you know? With Beacon apps, your patients can have in-detailed knowledge about Medicare documents required. Thus, with the list of instructions, patients are prepared well-in-advance.

Let’s say the Doctor’s prescription is filled with several tests and medicines. You have to go through a head CT, blood test, X-ray, and MRI all at the same. How would you navigate through different departments of the hospital?

iBeacon app satisfies your desire by enabling a navigation system, integrated with the map of the hospital.

Medicare units having such apps can add the directions of various departments, so that patients can avoid the trouble in reaching their desired area.

No more losing your patients in the maze of the hospital. As a boon, doctor’s can also track down unattended patients with the medical history and appointments in the app.

If we were living somewhere in the 18th century, the hazard to patient’s health would have been relatively higher.

Do you know why? Doctor’s and medical staff were at high risk of missing out patient’s medical history. Two different doctors treating the same patient in different time zones was one of the reasons for such a bizarre mistake.

With Beacon apps, Doctor’s not only are aware of their schedule but can also track down the medical history of the patient. The documents submitted by the patient at the time of filling the form comes to the rescue.

Thus, avoiding every possible mistake in diagnosis, Doctors can treat the patient in their best mind.

Technology withstands in every industry of the world. The healthcare industries use various equipment that helps the doctors to treat the patients.

Surprisingly, iBeacon app developmentsteps forward when healthcare assets are at stake. The assets can be tagged with Bluetooth devices, to keep a close eye on the inventory.

While this list did quench your thirst for information, little things that make the Doctor-patient relationship better are;

When we pave inside technological assets, there is no one or two sets of features, the app or device comes with a myriad of features.

10-30v Dc Beacon Light

Here we stated every bit of iBeacon app advantage in both Doctor’s and Patient’s life. However, it is quite possible that there are more tucked away benefits.

Right now, this piece of information should be apt to drive your interest in BLE-enabled Bluetooth apps.

Now, if you wish to drop some more advantages of mHealth apps associated with iBeacon teach, get down to the comment section below.

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